Bollywood Celebrities Who Were Friends But Turned Into Enemies

“It is beautiful when strangers become best friends, but when people persecute enemies, it is very disappointing.”

Bollywood is the world of miracles where fame and success can bring a tremendous change in the life of a celeb. From bitter break up to a sudden patch-up, there is a lot to the audience in this industry. We have seen people so well that they are difficult to find without each other. On the other hand, we have also seen those people who keep away from contact with any eye and share cold vibes between each other. The reason can be a rude frequency and chemistry, it can also be a case of ego, some conflict or love triangle, which knows it is all hanging in the air. Bollywood definition.

Today, we have come up with an interesting list which highlights Bollywood celebrities, who once shared a good bond, but now they are enemies with enemies.

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma 

bollywood music
bollywood music

Kapil Sharma captured hatred towards him on social media and he denied reports about rivalry. But, we all know that Sunil was an integral part of Kapil’s show. His sudden departure makes us feel that there is definitely nothing good between the two. However, we do not claim or support any aspect. bollywood pictures

Bipasha Basu and Kareena Kapoor 

bollywood actresses
bollywood actresses

Kareena called Bipasha “Kali Belli (Dark Cat Girl)” while shooting her film Ajnabee. He also commented about Bipasha’s then-lover John Abraham, at that time Bipasha had said proceeding with coffee and saying that Kareena has a huge number of expressions while acting. This long-drawn oral dispute is guaranteed that two actresses will never be seen together again. bollywood music


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