Three Contestants Are In Kaalkothri Now in Bigg Boss!

We know that somewhere in the basement near the Big Boss is called Calcorie. Last year, we came to see the jail, right? It is positioned somewhere underground, which makes it feel very intimidating. Well, last night’s promo showed us that in the coming episode three competitors will be sent to jail. These three are none other than Shilpa Shinde, Zubair Khan and Akash Dadlani and they will be locked in jail. And these three will be locked for a significant amount, unless Big Boss or Salman Khan decides to relieve them. Now, in the coming days, it is certain to increase the drama element of the show. Are you excited to see it? bigg boss season 10 is better for BB 11.

These were the tasks given by Big Boss from time to time.

India’s favorite daughter-in-law, Hina Khan, did the first thing where Hina had to catch a hen. Shilpa told a comment that she would be a piece of cake for Hina because she had recently come from a game of Khatron ke khiladi. this season bigg boss cast is very cheap.

Bigg boss
Bigg boss

Hina was made to catch four poultry in a fixed and limited time. Families win this work because Hina had completed her work in less time.


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